Sustainability Efforts


Every garment that is made, the impact that it has on the wearer and the environment are consciously thought through.

Beginning on paper, a design undergoes many laboured iterations to ensure the best fit – both on the body and the lifestyle of the customer, and to produce as little waste as possible. Once a style is considered, we put it through rounds of performance tests before cutting up our fabrics. Fabrics that make the cut are those that have longevity, or are sustainably produced. 

We have two initiatives in place aimed at tackling the issue of waste and overproduction.

Get-Order-On Demand (GOOD for short) is an initiative encouraging slow fashion. Wait and be rewarded with a discount. GOOD allows us to produce less, more precisely and not to have much overstock and waste at the end of the season. Have a GOOD read here.

GINLEE _/\/\/\ake is  an antithesis against the mass, ready-made model of fast fashion and signifies a return to the tactility of shaping materials. Learn more about it here.
At GINLEE Studio, it is a constant mission to strike the right balance with creating a functional wardrobe that transcends time and trends and being conscious about the impact on the environment. While we take great pride in making clothes that make women feel beautiful in, we strongly believe that it should not be at the expense of the environment.

If you'd like to learn more about our design process, click here.