Sustainability Efforts

While we take great pride in making garments that are functional and make women feel beautiful, we strongly believe that it should not be at the expense of the environment. 


Beginning on paper, a design undergoes many laboured iterations to ensure the best fit and to produce as little waste as possible. Once a style is firmed up, we put it through rounds of performance tests before actually cutting up our fabrics. Fabrics that make the cut are those that have longevity or are sustainably produced. For example, our scarves are produced with responsibly sourced lyocell material.

Get-Order-On-Demand (G.O.O.D)

Excess inventory is a notorious problem in the fashion industry. Instead of relying on markdowns at the end of every season to clear stocks, we are bringing the markdowns to the beginning of the season. G.O.O.D is our response to encourage slow fashion. Customers make a choice to wait rather than buy off the racks, and get rewarded with a discount.

With G.O.O.D, we can monitor the demand of the items to gather useful data for analysis and make accurate inventory projections, and produce just right.


We __/\/\/\ake it in store, only when you want it. This is an antithesis against the mass, ready-made model of fast fashion. Customers can enjoy the tactility of shaping materials while minimising waste as items are made on-demand in various combinations and pleated in real time. 

_/\/\/\ake Pleats

Pick up the art of pleating in store with us! Customise your very own apparels and accessories with our signature pleats! Choose from the selection of pleats and colours that's truly yours. 

To further reduce our inventory into a single SKU, we use base bags of a single colour which can be “coloured on the spot”. Customers can choose to add pOcuts, which are utility pockets salvaged from offcuts and die-cut with a pre-designed template to encourage a zero-waste design. These can be easily snapped on and off with the 3D printed recycled filament for flexibility of placement.

Handcrafted on-demand at our Great World City store. 

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_/\/\/\ake O

A design-led circular initiative, _/\/\/\ake O demonstrates the transformative potential of thoughtful and purposeful design in closing the loop of excess production. It encourages customers to reduce waste by transforming unused fabrics into uniquely re-designed products.

Using off-cuts, repair, and upcycling techniques, _/\/\/\ake O introduces innovative methods to give unwanted apparels and unused material a fresh breath of life. Book your experiences now.